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Friday, 17 February 2012

New knitting book

“Nowhere else will you see this many Turkish socks in their great mad colors. The combination of clear geometric patterns with riotous color choices is wonderful....The color pictures are great...the charts are big, clear, and good.”—Knitter’s Magazine. “Full of gorgeous color photos....The pages of history and cultural influence are the most intriguing part of the book....The patterns are a challenge—distinctive, and utterly beautiful.”—Small Press.

I just bought this book for myself, can´t waith to get it home.


  1. Kansi vaikuttaa ainakin lupaavalta. Kerrothan kirjan saatuasi, vastasiko sisältö odotuksiasi!

  2. Vau! Kommenttejasi tuosta kirjasta minäkin odotan. Vaikuttaa tosi kivalta!