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Thursday, 31 March 2011

March –welcome spring, Maaliskuu-tervetuloa kevät

Another month has passed and it is again time to wrap up a month. This time it is March. During March I bought a lot of new knitting/crochet books on the web. To be exact I bought 8 new knitting/crochet books. I could have bought even more, but have to think about where I put my books, the shelf is quite full of my books. I already presented 2 of my new books here. This time I thought I would present another book by Jan Eaton. The book name is 200 knitted blocks for blankets, throws and afghans. The book name itself tells a lot what kind of book this is. The book has 200 different kind of blocks that have a standard size of 15 cm(6in), when you use the same sized needle and yarn for every block. I also like that the book offers different skill levels and also ideas witch blocks look good with each other. Well that about my new books, don’t want my blog to be a comprisal site.
During March I did different things. I crocheted a lot during the month. During the month I knitted a bolero, my beautiful lavender mittens, an collar and a hat. I crocheted many hats, a scarf, basket and fingerless mittens. You find all my project in my gallery(here on my blog) and on Ravelry.

Uusi kuukausi alkaa huomenna. Tämän kuun aikana olen ostanut paljon käsityökirjoja. Kaikki kirjat ovat englanniksi, joten tästä syystä en kirjoita minun uusista kirjoista suomeksi. Kaikki maaliskuun valmiit työt ovat kuvattuina minun galleriassa täällä blogissa ja Ravelryssä.

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