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Sunday, 27 February 2011

February knitting/projects

Time just flies. Now it time to summarize February. What did I do doing February. Let´s see. I found double knitting and did 2 headbands using this technique (found under my patterns). My cutest project during February is definitely Sally the penguin. We love her and she is sitting with our other soft toy penguins Baby Pingu, Junior and Pingu. She is the only female in the penguin family so far.
In mid November I started to do a bed cover in big granny squares using a lot of Novitas 7 veljestä yarn. This huge project was ready in early February. Finally, I must say. The strange thing is that I did not get enough of doing granny squares after this. I wanted to continue. Since I still have leftovers of Novitas 7 veljestä yarn, I am doing a cardigan in granny squares and like this wouldn’t be enough I am doing a felted rug in granny squares. I am also doing double sided mittens. The mittens are my own design and will be found under my patters when they are ready. I am still quite a slow knitter when I do double knitting, but the more I knit in this technique I become faster.
My Defne scarf is dedicated to a famous Turkish girl whose name was Defne. Defne was a single parent and participated in TV shows and I was also a comedian. The latest show Defne was in was “Dancing with the stars”(Yok böyle dans in Turkish) and Defne became 4th in the dance completion. 2 days after the dancing competition was over for Defne, 4 days before the Finals, Defne was found dead at a friend’s place. It is still a mystery what exactly happened. The whole Turkey went in shock, because no one could expect it. This also touched me here in Finland since my man is Turkish and we watched the dancing show. Because of this I designed a scarf that I call Defne. I chose multicolored yarn to it because she was a very positive person, always had a smile on her face. This is the story behind my Defne scarf.
We had a very cold 2 weeks here in Helsinki during February.(almost -30 degrees C) This is why I made my “tundra collar/wrap. It is made of Novitas puro yarn. To give my hands some extra warmness I did the tundra fingerless mittens. These both project go good together, because I used the same yarn and colors. I also made a new cable hat in Garnstudio Drops Andes yarn. The hat is so nice and warm (yarn is alpaca and wool)
During February I noticed that every Saturday and Sunday there is a knitting TV program called “Knitty Gritty on the channel “Liv”. A lot of what they show in this program is not new for me, but I also get some new ideas. Sadly the TV show is shown in America some time ago and, some of the patterns can’t be found on the site anymore. But it is still interesting to watch the show. I recommend it for those of my readers that live in Finland. In Strömsö there is also a new girl this spring, who likes to do different crafts. So that is also a nice program to watch when one is in to crafting.

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