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Sunday, 27 February 2011

February knitting/projects

Time just flies. Now it time to summarize February. What did I do doing February. Let´s see. I found double knitting and did 2 headbands using this technique (found under my patterns). My cutest project during February is definitely Sally the penguin. We love her and she is sitting with our other soft toy penguins Baby Pingu, Junior and Pingu. She is the only female in the penguin family so far.
In mid November I started to do a bed cover in big granny squares using a lot of Novitas 7 veljestä yarn. This huge project was ready in early February. Finally, I must say. The strange thing is that I did not get enough of doing granny squares after this. I wanted to continue. Since I still have leftovers of Novitas 7 veljestä yarn, I am doing a cardigan in granny squares and like this wouldn’t be enough I am doing a felted rug in granny squares. I am also doing double sided mittens. The mittens are my own design and will be found under my patters when they are ready. I am still quite a slow knitter when I do double knitting, but the more I knit in this technique I become faster.
My Defne scarf is dedicated to a famous Turkish girl whose name was Defne. Defne was a single parent and participated in TV shows and I was also a comedian. The latest show Defne was in was “Dancing with the stars”(Yok böyle dans in Turkish) and Defne became 4th in the dance completion. 2 days after the dancing competition was over for Defne, 4 days before the Finals, Defne was found dead at a friend’s place. It is still a mystery what exactly happened. The whole Turkey went in shock, because no one could expect it. This also touched me here in Finland since my man is Turkish and we watched the dancing show. Because of this I designed a scarf that I call Defne. I chose multicolored yarn to it because she was a very positive person, always had a smile on her face. This is the story behind my Defne scarf.
We had a very cold 2 weeks here in Helsinki during February.(almost -30 degrees C) This is why I made my “tundra collar/wrap. It is made of Novitas puro yarn. To give my hands some extra warmness I did the tundra fingerless mittens. These both project go good together, because I used the same yarn and colors. I also made a new cable hat in Garnstudio Drops Andes yarn. The hat is so nice and warm (yarn is alpaca and wool)
During February I noticed that every Saturday and Sunday there is a knitting TV program called “Knitty Gritty on the channel “Liv”. A lot of what they show in this program is not new for me, but I also get some new ideas. Sadly the TV show is shown in America some time ago and, some of the patterns can’t be found on the site anymore. But it is still interesting to watch the show. I recommend it for those of my readers that live in Finland. In Strömsö there is also a new girl this spring, who likes to do different crafts. So that is also a nice program to watch when one is in to crafting.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Guide to double knitting

This is a little introduction to the technique double knitting (in Finnish onteloneule)

Double knitting= reversible knitting.
The end result looks like stockinette stitch on both sides. One can do double knitting in 2 different colors (both sides are one color) or by doing a color pattering that is reversible on opposite side.

There are several ways to do double knitting; the end result looks the same no matter how one does it. Still I feel that the most common way to do double knitting is to alternate a knit stitch of yarn A with a purl stitch of yarn B. Because the yarn (both colors) is held back when one knits, and to the front (both yarns) for a purl, the result is a both sided stockinette side. Meaning that you can´t see the wrong side. When you cast on you will cast on twice as many stitches as needed for the width, holding both color yarns at the same time (will be like 1white, 1 red, 1white, and 1red). The first color (in my example white) is called yarn A and is also the yarn that you will knit with. Then naturally the second color (in my example red) will be called yarn B and this is the purling yarn. You will always knit with yarn A and purl with yarn B, as you continue to work, you will alternate between knitting and purling. If you want to have a one colored side on both sides (no color pattern) you will knit the whole project like this. On the other hand if you want to make a heart on e.g. your hat, you just make B your A yarn and A to your B yarn (meaning on 1 side you have a background in white with a red heart and on the other side the background is red with a white heart).

Purl sts
You will do the purl sts the other way around, but be careful where you hold the yarn (in front or behind the knitting). If you want a purl sts with yarn A this is how you do it. purl the first sts(yarn A), holding yarn B BEHIND your work(Yarn A is held the way you normally purl)Yarn B is then knitted, but now you have to have yarn A in front of your knitting. If you don't move the yarns like this, your end result will not look correct)

You can do the increases any way you like. As long as you do the increases on the same place and time(first yarn A then yarn B)

When you make my mittens pattern or if you want to knit a double knitted hat you must know how to decrease. This is pretty easy. You just have to move the yarn so that you have 2 sts of the same yarn beside each other( e.g. you want to knit 2 together, do like this: switch yarn B and Yarn A, so that it look like, yarn A, yarn A, yarn B ,yarn B(or like k,k,p,p). Then you knit yarn A:s sts together and purl yarn B:s sts together. Now you know how to decrease and increase :)

You can do double knitting on a circular needle, dpn or on long needles. I prefer to do it on circular needles or on dpn, because it is easier to keep track of witch yarn is A and B, especially if you do a color pattern. If you do it on normal knitting needles the challenge it to keep track of witch side you are working on, because every second row yarn A must me purled and yarn B knitted. But everyone are different, and if one can keep track of the sides and don’t mess it up, then hay, do double knitting like this, it is not wrong. I myself don’t like to do it that way, but that is just me.

It is not that difficult to do double knitting, it is like learning to ride a bike, because when you know the basics of knitting (knit and purl) anyone can do this. I highly recommend that you Google the technique or look it up a book that explains it well. I myself watched one 3 minutes long video on YouTube and after this I could do this technique. In the beginning it is SO slow, but ones you get a hang of it, it is not that difficult. The best thing is that after the technique is familiar one can make a scarf, a hat, or mittens. It is still best to so the first project without any ribbing or any color pattern. The first attempt may also lead to that the end result is quite loose, because you have 2 yarns to control at the same time. This is only natural, it will get easier, I promise.

Under my patters you find a headband that is a good beginner’s project using double knitting. Under my patterns you will also find a d.k. pair of mittens, it can be dune ones you understand what double knitting is all about and when you can both do knit and purl, increases and decreases using this technique. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sally the penguin

I love to knit toys and found this nice+easy pattern in the magazine knit today. Had to make it. Now we have 4 penguins sitting on the sofa. Sally is the first female to join the club. She is knitted in Drops Paris yarn with 4mm needles.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bedcover+ double knitted headband

Here it finally is. Love the end result, a lot of colours. Some might say that is has too much colour, but we both like it and it covers our bed. End weight is 1500g and I only used Novita 7 veljestä yarn. The last rows to crochet seemd to take forever, but it was worth it.

This weekend leared to do double knitting and the headband is a test knit using this technique. The pattern can be found under my patterns.