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Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Well it is almost a month ago that I have written here. Between then and now a lot has happened in my life. During this month I have had very little time to knit/crochet and this mainly because of Christmas. Until New Year I worked in a department store selling flowers and Christmas is a very busy time there. So when I got home after work I didn't have the energy to start to do crafts. Well that was then.
After New Year I am working for the same shop/department store but I just transferred to the buying side. I am now a buying assistant. It is very interesting and now I also have more free time after work and get to spend this time with my crafts. Hopefully I soon can update this blog again by adding some pictures of my projects. At the moment I am doing my first revontuli/Northern lights scarf(pattern found online and on Ravelry) and then I am crocheting a bed cover in huge granny squares. In the picture you can see my bedside cover project, still have a lot of crocheting to do.
In December I made myself a collar in Novita Tempo. It is my personal pattern, but I didn’t write it down anywhere so I can’t publish it here. I also made very cute small slippers (felted) for my friend’s baby. In December I also started to do toe-up socks with a beautiful lace pattern, but got jammed with the heel because I didn’t understand the chosen heel technique in the pattern. I have to modify the heel or learn to understand the chosen technique. As seen I still have many unfinished things.
I just calculated my yarn consumption for year 2010 and it was just over 6 kg. My stash is still very huge, even if I try not to buy every yarn that I want. I can tell you that it is lower than my yarn consumption for 2010, but I still feel it is too big. This year I will try to make things from the yarn that I have and not buy new yarn.

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