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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

McQueen striped jacket with a hood

Finally I was able to finish this hooded jacket. I never like to knit the sleeves and it was the same with this project. I made everything else in October when I started to knit it but the sleeves, aj aj aj… got the sleeves dune last week. This is a Christmas present for my friends little son. Hope he likes to wear it. It is made in Novita 7 veljestä raita, the yarn is a sock yarn that is self striped. I added the McQueen picture and red buttons to it so that it would get some color.The pattern is from the Finnish knitting magazine Novita, issue fall/syksy 2009 and it is made in size 74 cm.

Yesterday I bought a new yarn that I had never bought before. I like alpaca yarn because it is warm but let me tell you. NO WAY that I am EVER going to buy this yarn again. I could NOT find the beginning/end of the skein and then the skein “exploded” in my hands and now the skein is a complete mess. I tried to solve it tonight but had to take a break to spear my nerves. The yarn is called Teetee Cacao. If someone who reads buys this yarn in the shop, remember to carefully open the skein. It will spare your nerves. When I get this resolved I thought I would make a big scarf of it for myself.
Well that is all for this time. Night night…