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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Yarn store next door...good or bad???

Why oh why must I have a wonderful yarn shop just by my job. When I pass it I always get the urge to go in and look at the yarn and then I can’t resist the urge to buy something. Even if I have NO idea what it is for. I think I should do some kind of yarn budget for each month, because as it is now I can soon open a yarn shop in my living room or at least not have enough money to spend on other needed things. The only positive thing at the moment is that I get a 10% reduction from the yarn store because I work next door. 2 days ago I started to crochet a huge blanket. It is made of traditional “granny squares”. Last weekend I went down to the basement and found a bag full of sock yarn in many colors, so I try to use up this bag for the blanket. Still I HAD to buy some new colors from the yarn shop, but these skeins were NOT storaged. I used them at ones. So no hard feelings this time

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  1. I also considered a yarn budget, but came to the conclusion that it doesn't work - for me anyway. Instead I try never to buy yarn unless I know exactly what I will do with it (I have enough yarn that I don't know what to do with - and limited space). So far this concept has worked for me! When I have more space, or less yarn - I'll reconsider.

    Nice blog by the way! :) Must visit again!