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Thursday, 4 November 2010

toe-up socks, magic loop...interesting

Apparently it is time for me to learn to knit socks with the”magic loop” technique. You know why because I just bought 3 new books on Amazon. Have to wait for the books for about 2 weeks, otherwise the shipping here to Finland would have been more expensive then the books. Still I have many projects that I am working on. My boyfriend is calling me” cable factory” because when I am home I usually sit on the sofa and knit. Even if I have several things on the “to do list” for Christmas, I still feel relaxed when I am knitting. It is much more stressful at work. I work on a department store where I sell candles, flowers and animal food. Yeah, I know those 3 areas have nothing in common, but HEY I did not invent that these 3 areas should belong together. I better start going to sleep, I just wanted to write a few words here, because I am so excited about my new books and FINALLY I can learn something new again  Good night!

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  1. Magic loop voisi olla kyllä näppärä konsti ja joskus olen miettinyt sen opettelemista, mutta sitten mun miljoonat sukkapuikot jäisivät toimettomiksi.... :D Sulla on oikein to do -lista jouluksi, pitäis varmaan itsekin moinen väsätä!