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Monday, 22 November 2010

Granny squares and Christmas gifts

Here we go again. During my free day from work last week I got the wonderful idea to do a bed cover of granny squares. So now I am crocheting bit after bit. Still this time I thought that one bit is around 80cm= huge, but it is easier to crochet them together to a blanket/bed cover. By now I made 2 bits so I have a 160 cm wide blanket. Think 6 bits will do it (our bed is 120cm).
I got my wonderful books from Amazon like 2 weeks ago and I loved them all. The books are going to be very useful when I start doing toe-up socks. I hope I get the time soon, because bought new sock yarn already and new circular needles.
During last week I finished 2 hats and a Christmas stocking. I love the stocking and I still have to complete 1 more before Christmas.( Will put some pictures of the stockings later.) Now it is again time to turn the computer off, have an early morning again at work.

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