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Monday, 22 November 2010

Granny squares and Christmas gifts

Here we go again. During my free day from work last week I got the wonderful idea to do a bed cover of granny squares. So now I am crocheting bit after bit. Still this time I thought that one bit is around 80cm= huge, but it is easier to crochet them together to a blanket/bed cover. By now I made 2 bits so I have a 160 cm wide blanket. Think 6 bits will do it (our bed is 120cm).
I got my wonderful books from Amazon like 2 weeks ago and I loved them all. The books are going to be very useful when I start doing toe-up socks. I hope I get the time soon, because bought new sock yarn already and new circular needles.
During last week I finished 2 hats and a Christmas stocking. I love the stocking and I still have to complete 1 more before Christmas.( Will put some pictures of the stockings later.) Now it is again time to turn the computer off, have an early morning again at work.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Yarn store next door...good or bad???

Why oh why must I have a wonderful yarn shop just by my job. When I pass it I always get the urge to go in and look at the yarn and then I can’t resist the urge to buy something. Even if I have NO idea what it is for. I think I should do some kind of yarn budget for each month, because as it is now I can soon open a yarn shop in my living room or at least not have enough money to spend on other needed things. The only positive thing at the moment is that I get a 10% reduction from the yarn store because I work next door. 2 days ago I started to crochet a huge blanket. It is made of traditional “granny squares”. Last weekend I went down to the basement and found a bag full of sock yarn in many colors, so I try to use up this bag for the blanket. Still I HAD to buy some new colors from the yarn shop, but these skeins were NOT storaged. I used them at ones. So no hard feelings this time

Monday, 8 November 2010

christmas flowers door ornament

This is my own design. Will make several for christmas presents. The pattern is really easy. It is needle felted on polystyrene that I found in the hobby store. 1 is heart shaped and the other one is a circle. I started by needlefelting the heart red with a yarn that is used for needle felting(e.g. novita hahtuvainen). After that I needle felted the circle green and then placed the heart in centre of the circle with a iron yarn. Finished with a iron yarn around the circle. Now you are ready. If wanted you can still add e.g felted figures/flowers as I did. Can also be found in the hobby store.

1st toe-up sock dune

What a weekend. I nailed it, I understood it. I got it…wohoooo….Made my first toe-up sock and also my first short-row heel socks. Not only this but also my first socks that have pattern on them(meaning more then rib). I chose to do “ Bambumetsä-sukat”(Bambu forest-socks) from the magazine Novita winter 2008. During the weekend I made 1 sock and I feel it was much more fun to knit socks with this technique. This time I knitted only one sock at a time, because I only had one skein of yarn at home. Hopefully I soon got time to knit the second sock. I have 2 feet :D. During the weekend I also started to knit/design child mittens using the magic loop technique. Hopefully the mittens are wearable. I will see my test person next week. But now I got to run and meet a friend.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

toe-up socks, magic loop...interesting

Apparently it is time for me to learn to knit socks with the”magic loop” technique. You know why because I just bought 3 new books on Amazon. Have to wait for the books for about 2 weeks, otherwise the shipping here to Finland would have been more expensive then the books. Still I have many projects that I am working on. My boyfriend is calling me” cable factory” because when I am home I usually sit on the sofa and knit. Even if I have several things on the “to do list” for Christmas, I still feel relaxed when I am knitting. It is much more stressful at work. I work on a department store where I sell candles, flowers and animal food. Yeah, I know those 3 areas have nothing in common, but HEY I did not invent that these 3 areas should belong together. I better start going to sleep, I just wanted to write a few words here, because I am so excited about my new books and FINALLY I can learn something new again  Good night!