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Monday, 30 November 2009

Projects that are dune in November 2009

So it is time to sum up November,because I know that I will not have time to knit anything tomorrow. This month I have started many projects, but sadly haven't got that many ready projects. These are still the ones that I made during November 2009:

Christmas card bag
made in Novita Huopanen, 200g.
Cable hat
made in Novita Luxus clud, about 80g
Puro neckwarmer
Baby jacket
made in Novita puro, 130g
made:in Sirdar Eco Wool Dk,100g

Then I have started to on several projects that are not ready yet. I have started on 2 tunics from Novita talvi 2009. One is made by Novita Tempo and the other one is made of both Novita Rose Mohair and Novita Nalle Marjaretki. Hopefully I will get them both dune before Christmas. But for now I wish everyone a nice time waiting for Christmas 2009

Pictures of ready projects November 2009

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