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Monday, 30 November 2009

Projects that are dune in November 2009

So it is time to sum up November,because I know that I will not have time to knit anything tomorrow. This month I have started many projects, but sadly haven't got that many ready projects. These are still the ones that I made during November 2009:

Christmas card bag
made in Novita Huopanen, 200g.
Cable hat
made in Novita Luxus clud, about 80g
Puro neckwarmer
Baby jacket
made in Novita puro, 130g
made:in Sirdar Eco Wool Dk,100g

Then I have started to on several projects that are not ready yet. I have started on 2 tunics from Novita talvi 2009. One is made by Novita Tempo and the other one is made of both Novita Rose Mohair and Novita Nalle Marjaretki. Hopefully I will get them both dune before Christmas. But for now I wish everyone a nice time waiting for Christmas 2009

Pictures of ready projects November 2009

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Pattern for Puro neckwarmer

This is left over project.I used Novita Puro
Yarn: Novita Puro,Novita Bianca, Novita Isoveli, Novita Saana
Pattern is for a 2-3 year old child.

With 5mm(double-pointed) cast on 64 sts. Beg with 2k,2p rib.Re these pattern for 12 centimeter. In 1 sts in rib -> 3k,3p. Re these pattern for 6 centimeter. In 1 sts i rib -> 4k,4p. Re these pattern for 6 centimeter. Cast off.


Time to start ones again. My blog. Think this is my 3 or 4 blog that I start. Perhaps this one could be a bit more permanent :). To present myself shortly. My name is Linda, I'm 26 years old,soon 27 years old. I study and work. Live in Helsinki,Finland and have 2 important hobbies 1) knitting and crocheting.2)My cat Millie. Think this well be it for this time. Will be back, and ones again Welcome and hope you will enjoy my thoughts and writing :)